Sacramento Progressive Labor Alliance (PLA) is a slate of Democratic Party candidates who represent working people.

We support:

  • expanding labor unions
  • affordable housing and tenants’ rights
  • holding elected officials accountable
  • making the Democratic Party transparent and welcoming
  • ending police brutality
  • defeating the Republican Sheriff and DA

A vote for our slate in the 2020 March Primary is a vote for WORKING people.

What is a Party Central Committee? Why does this matter? 

It’s exactly what it sounds like: the central decision-making part of the local political party. 

There is a Central Committees in each county, and they are where grassroots people influence the party’s direction. 

Your central committee decides on leadership, candidate endorsements, campaign finance, local priorities, etc. 

You can find our candidates on these pages (Sacramento County Democratic Party Central Committees are organized by County Supervisor District):

Click here to find out what district you live in.